Call for Papers

Call for Papers

International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and Management is an open access journal that provides very fast publication of articles in all areas of subject.

With a commitment to publishing the highest quality research, IJSREM is among the most trusted and authoritative journals in engineering & management studies. Our discerning and unbiased peer-review editorial process sets the standard for publishing. Your paper will benefit from careful attention by physician editors, statistical experts, and knowledgeable production personnel who ensure that our exacting standards are met.

Published in IJSREM, your research can have an important impact on the global engineering & management community. IJSREM has the highest ranking of any research journal and reaches millions of readers in more than 75 countries. IJSREM offers a rapid review service and can coordinate timing of online publication with presentations at conferences.

IJSREM wants submissions of original research, reviews, case reports, and commentary that improve patient care and clinical practice or offer new information about the biology of disease. All manuscripts are examined by the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editorial team, who consider each submission on the basis of originality, quality, strong results, and ethical values.

Areas covered:

  • Engineering,
  • Technology,
  • Management Studeis,
  • Science

Types of Articles invited:

  • Research Papers:
  • Review Papers:
  • Case Studies:
  • Theoretical Articles
  • Informative Article
  • Comparative Studies
  • Short reports or Letters:
  • Methodologies or Methods

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