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IRJEMS – International Research Journal of Engineering and Management Studeis Both subscription-based and open access journals may charge a fee  after the manuscript submission to help to finance editorial and peer review administration.. However, submission fees thus present the development of decreasing competition for review and acceptance, potentially enhancing publication speed. The result of journal quality, and therefore potentially on impact, may also be positive: the quality of submissions may increase, as only authors with self-assurance that they are choosing the right journal will be willing to pay a submission fee. Interestingly, it has also been posited that submission fees can raise authors’ concern about the quality of peer review and the reasoning behind manuscript, potentially motivating greater accountability on the part of journals.

IRJEMS dosent receiving any funds from any organization. Operation of IRJEMS Journal is financed by the processing fees from authors to operate web hosting, manuscript editing, server maintenance, employees salaries, office expenditure etc. So, we ask authors, researchers and others who want to submit in this international journal some bucks (money) to run the operations smooth.

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